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Thursday, Aug. 15, 1918

I cleaned upstairs this A. M. Read

all afternoon. Katie had us to her

house for supper. Then Mother took

us all to the picture show. Geo. &

Harry didn't want to go so they

went to town together. Mother

gave Mary a new "Johnny doll" which

Mary immediatley huugged to her heart. 

Friday, Aug. 16, 1918

Opened up the Canteen for breakfast

this morning. Mrs. Flynn & Gooden

assisted. We served about fifty.

This evening we had at least

fifteen and they all had such a 

jolly time. I invited John & Marnie,

Geo. Katie, Lewis & Geo.Jr. to come

over about 9:30 this eve and have

ice cream & cake in honor of

Mary's approaching birthday. 

They all stayed quite late. 

Marnie gave Mary a pretty

dress & petticoat for her birthday.

Have partly packed my trunk. 

Bro. Geo. gave me a dandy chicken

to take for a lunch with us.