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Saturday, Aug. 17, 1918

Finished packing & did endless

small tasks. Marnie had Mother, 

Harry, Mary & I for a fried

chicken dinner. Mother fixed a chicken

for us, brought Mary all kinds of enter-

taining things to take with her. I

wonder if all mothers are as good and

thoughtful as mine. She does endless

things for each & everyone of us.

Mrs. Joyce arrived for a visit this eve.

Just saw here for a few minutes. Mother, 

Geo. & family, John & Marnie, Mary &

RoseMary saw us off this evening. 

We felt as if we were going on quite 

a journey. 

Sunday, Aug. 18, 1918

Arrived in St. Louis about 7:30 A. M.

uWent up to the hotel. As we had

until noon. Had a bath around & 

ate out lunch. Left for Chicago at

12:15. The parlor car had seven or

eight officers in it. Mary got ac-

quainted with most of them. Took

them her toys. I passed our

homemade cookies. Reached [?] at

8 and waited  there until 10:45.

Mary has been an angel child

and as little bother as a child

could be. Wrote Mother a letter

from St. L. and a card from [?]