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Monday, Aug. 19, 1918

Arrived in Sayer at 1:00 P. M. Mr. 

Chabi[?] met us with the Ford.

The place never did look as good

to me as now. It is surely an

ideal location. We had a big

room in the big cottage. Acreened

porch. Mary played nearly all

afternoon. Seemed delighted with 

everything. We had fresh strawberries

for dinner. Unpacked & got ready

to [live?] during the afternoon.

Mary played on the beach this 

eve. Gathering shells. Got pretty

cold after sunset. The McDonalds

(all of them) & the Waynes are here. 

Tuesday, Aug. 20, 1918

Mary had her first boat ride

this A. M. Harry took us out. She

surely liked it. Gave her quite

an appetite for dinner. She really

ate and thoroughly enjoyed the

delicious fish. After dinner visited

with Mary Mc and some other girls. 

Later helped Mrs. [Chaborison?] pick

strawberries. Wrote Mother. This 

evening all the ladies were knitting

varied colored sweathers on the porch. 

It presented quite a colorful scene. 

The latest ones are knit of narrow