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Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1918

The hours simply fly up here. There

ismn't much to do. Of course Mary 

keeps me jumping. Everyone wants

to pet her but she won't have much

to do with them. I knit a little,

wrote cards to Geo. & Lewis, John &

Fords. Sat on the porch all 

evenikng enjoying the lake. Tried

to play bridge but Mary wouldn't 

let me. Harry played. Letters from

Mother and some birthday

picture cards to Mary from her.

Thursday, Aug. 22, 1918

Mary's 2nd birthday was an ideal

day -- cool & delightful. John McDonald

gave her a cute little doll. Kirk Wayner

gave her a box of candy. This afternoon 

Mary McDonald & Pearl Field gave a

surprise party on Mrs. Herman. We were

given clothes pins, a paper napkin, some

red, white & blue paper & told to dress a 

doll in 30 minutes. We had great fun making 

them & some were real clever. the best &

[poorest?] received prizes. Watermelon, popcorn

& fudge were the refreshments. We all 

adjourned to the pig pen afterwards &

fed the rinds of the pigs. Tonight in

the hotel lobby our paper dolls were

auctioned off for the Red Cross. (10 of them)

brought $22.50. The bidding was high.

Some brought as high as $5. Letters

from Mother & Ella. Wrote Mother

cards to Tessie, Grace B., Alys, Mrs. Curry

& Lola.