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Friday, Aug. 23, 1918

Mr & Mrs McDonald & Miss Field left

today. These were given the usual

send off. Blowing of horns, etc. The

only difference from the olden days

is, they leave by auto now instead

of by stage. Have knitted quite

a little. Am going dowwn the back 

of my sweater. Wrote mother. There

wass a brilliant sunset. Vivid

colors all over the sky. Letter 

from Bess C. 

Saturday, Aug. 24, 1918

Mary put in a bad night. Has

a cold. Harry got up about

midnight & built a fire in the

kitchen range. We played around

in the sunshine this morning. 

Took a few pictures. I spend

my entire time with Mary. 

She learns things so rapidly.

Can count to six now. We showed

her some mounted [musky?] heads.

She doesn't forget they are [muskies?]

Tonight a man brought in a 

beautiful 3 1/2 pound bass.