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Saturday, Aug. 31, 1918

Arrived in Chicago about 7:30 A. M.

[?] O'Donnell met Mary & brought us

to the LaSalle hotel. Harry, Mary 

& I were out in the city all morning.

Mary surely enjoyed the toy department 

at Marshall Fields. We tried to 

find her a coat but didn't succeedd. Mary

was so tired that she fell asleep 

on the way home. City life does

not suit me. A little goes a long

way. We were out again this afternoon.

Little coats cost as high as $50. We

walked the full length of Michigan Blvd. & 

enjoyed the shops. Seeing the people. 

Had ice cream in an Allegretti Shop. Harry

brought me two boxes. Had supper on the way back. 

Sunday, Sept. 1, 1918

3,000,000 autos idle in Chicago today by

order of the government. The quiet seemed

good. We had been promising Mary for some

time to take her to see the animals, bears,

monkeys, etc. So this A. M. we went to

Lincoln Park. She throughly enjoyed 

herself. Was delighted with everything. 

Thye birds were beautiful too. It did 

one's heart good to see the little

tot running along having a good

time. The humanity of such places

always attracks me. We dined on the 

Morrison's Hotel. In the terraced ice-

garden about 3 o'clock. Had a lovely 

dinner. Mary enjoys being with a 

crowd. Had a pleasant day all

around. Left Chicago for St. Louis

at 11:30 P. M. [?] O'Donnell came to

St. Louis. Miss Kelly & John Mc were at the 

train with him.