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Monday, Sept. 2, 1918

Arrived in St. Louis at 8 A. M. It

was pouring down rain and it has

been a very lonesome day. Harry

& I had breakfast in the station. 

Mary & I came to the American

Hotel in a taxi while he went on 

to Parsons. If I hadn't wanted to buy

a coat for Mary, I would have gonee 

on too. Ate my dinner in the hotel.

Read the papers. Took Mary out to 

locate the stores this afternoon. 

Everything is closed for Labor Day

or I could have shopped today. Carrying

Mary about 20 blocks is no easy task. 

The day has finally come to a close. 

We ate our supper at a child's restaurant. 

About a dozen  people came up to admire


Tuesday, Sept. 3, 1918

I think I have reduced 5 lbs. today.

I carried Mary from about 9 A. M. 

until 4:30 P. M. except when I ate

my dinner. We had a nice dinner

in the Famous-Barr tea-room. 

This shopping is strenuous work. 

Bought Mary a pretty brown velvet

coat & hat. A little black & white

checkered coat. Shoes, winter shirts, 

stockings & four dresses. Bought 

Mother two pretty nighties for her

birthday. Brought 12 pr. bedroom 

curtains on sale. Was going to 

buy each of the kiddies a box of 

candy but found I could only buy 

one pd. Was too tired to run around 

to more stores. Am glad to go home

on the Flyer tonight. Wish I was 

there now.