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Friday, Sept. 6, 1918

Ironed some this morning. All of 

our things are clean again. Thjis

afternoon Katie asked Mother, Mary

& I to go to the country. It was a fine

day for a ride. Went to Laneville. 

Brought eggs, chickens, coffee & Karo

syrup. Some things you can

still buy in small towns  that

you can't get here. Took charge 

of the Canteen tonight. Had quite

a crowd of soldier boys. Enjoyed

being back. Letter from Mary Mc.

Saturday, Sept. 7, 1918

Harry got in about midnight last

night. First I've seen of him since

last Monday A. M. He left again for

Lawrence this eve to be gone until

Monday morning. Did some

baking this morning. It had

warmed up today. Feels better.

Mary & I were out nearly all

afternoon. Paid my bills etc.

We walked to the train with Harry

this evening.