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Tuesday, Sept. 10, 1918

I had thot to have Harry at home

today and he expected to be here. 

He killed a chicken before he went

up town but before I had finished

ccutting it up. Word came from

the office he had gone to K. C. and

wouldn't be back for several days. 

I packed his bag and sent it to

him. We cleaned down stairs the 

A. M. I went to see Mary Pickford

tonight with Katie & the children.

Mother kept Mary.

Wednesday, Sept. 11, 1918

Mother, Harry, Mary & I were

invited over to Tessie's for dinner but

harry was away. We had a very

nice time. Took quite a few

pictures. Stayed until about 5:30.

Wrote letters to Mrs. Johntz & Mary McC.

Mary & I called on Mrs. Gooden

this eve. Harry came home unex-

pectedly tonight. Had to be here to

register for the draft tomorrow.