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Thursday, Sept. 12, 1918

Mother's 59th birthday. Had Geo. &

family. John & Marnie here for dinner.

I intended taking them all to the first

picture show but Harry DeNoon

took us all. Right fun. It was a

real cute picture "Up the Road

with Sallie." We all went to the

country to cook our supper in honor 

of Mother's birthday. Went to M

grave. Had a good time. Harry

was out of town as usual. I've 

been home nine days. He have

been in town only one. He almost

might as well be in the army. 

Friday, Sept. 13, 1918

Was on duty and in charge of the

Canteen morning & evening. We

had a lively bunch of aviators this

morning who acted as if they were

starved. We had some amusing &

pathetic happening during the 

day. One solldier told u of an ex-

pected baby in about six months. 

Another of going to marry his

college sweet heart & when he got

there the parents refused. He

ws afraid of court martial for

making a mis-statement.

Harry was here for dinner.