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Sunday, Oct. 6, 1918

A regular summer day. Mary &

I sat on the porch nearby all

morning. Read the papers. 

Harry, Mary & I called on the

Mr. Williams. Martins and

Frank & Cora Pfeiffer this eve.

Enjoyed our visit. 

Monday, Oct. 7, 1918

Took the matress from my bed 

and  down in the yard. 

Beat & aired them. It was quite

a task. This afternoon I had

to go out & solicit advertising

for the Canteen. We are to re-

ceive the profits. Harry has been

engaged in liberty loan work for

several days & evenings. So I 

made buttonholes all evening

while he was away. Letters 

from Grace Berry & Blanche P.

Blanche invites me over to