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Tuesday, Oct. 8, 1918

Had a big rain last night and

this morning. Mabel Steele & I

solicited for Liberty bonds on

Wilson & Lawndale this afternoon. 

We walked about 4 miles thro'

the mud and secured no

subscriptions. It is the poorest

district of the town. Mexican, 

etc. Mother, Mary & I were

over to see Tanta this eve. Some-

thing was said about guns.

Mary said "shoot 'um Germans."

Mother gave her a new baby doll

with hair today. Which greatly

delights her. 

Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1918

Letter from Miss Perry. Went to the 

bank this morning to straighten

up some business., clip coupons, etc.

to find out how much I had to

invest in Liberty Bonds. Ironed

and mended this afternoon. Mother,

Mary & I were over to George's awhile

this evening. All the schools, 

theaters, churches and public

gathering places have been

closed on account of Spanish 


John had his tonsils removed

in Muskogee on Monday.

Wrote Blanche.