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Saturday, October 12, 1918

Everyone is staying closely at

home on account of the "flu." 

even the stores were not open

tonight. Lewis Walker died last

night and many people are 

ill. Bro. John returned from 

Muskogee tonight. Tessie was

over awhile. Wrote letters to

Mrs. J., Keene, Miss Perry and 


Sunday, Oct. 13, 1918

John & Marnie were here for dinner. 

John took us -- Mother, Mary & I

for a nice auto ride beyond 

the river. The Goodens called when

we got back. Geo., Katie & children

came over. So we had the 

whole family for supper except 

Harry. He is still staying

at the hotel. Afraid of bringing

the "flu" home to us. We 

miss him. Seems strange to

have him staying in town & 

just phoning in.