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Monday, Oct. 14, 1918

Mary had points of 3 new teeth

thro' today.

Harry came home this A. M. just

long enough to get a different suit

of clothes. He wouldn't touch

Mary or me and has left town 

to be gone until Friday. It was

a lovely day. Mary & I walked

down to Marnie's this morning

and stayed for dinner. John brot

us home in his car. Have

knitted quite a little today. 

Am over the neck of my 8th

sweater. The town is very quiet

nothing open and people not

visiting around much. 

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 1918

Mary didn't go to sleep until about 4:30 A. M.

Three old teeth bothered her. She surely 

is bright and quick to learn things. 

Knows a great many of her

letters and words that they stand

for.we have a game of animals

with bodies & heads separate. She 

can put the right head on the 

right body and knows all of their

names. 38 in all. Mother, Mary

& I were at Tessie's for dinner &

the afternoon. Knitted all after-

noon. Called in the  Goodsill's this 

eve. Katie & children, Mrs. Hart &

Bessie, John & Bessie, John & Marnie were

over this evening.