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Wednesday, Oct. 16, 1918

We had Mary Allen & mother over for

dinner. They brot theirwork and

spent the afternoon. We knitted. 

Am on my 9th sweater now. 

Helene & Florence   were 

here too. John & Marnie took us

in their car to the country at 6

o'clock. We fixed the supper. 

Katie & children went too. It

was a lovely evening. John &

Marnie brot us home. Went

up town, bought ice-cream and 

came back for the evening. We

had a nice time. Card from Harry.

The Sun got out an extra tongiht

saying the Kaiser has abdicated. 

Thursday, Oct. 17, 1918

I cleaned upstairs this morning 

and put clean papers on all the

cupboard shelves. Mended and 

put away the clothes. Found

time to knit and read awhile

besides reading to and entertain-

ing Mary. Took Mrs. Orchard

her dinner -- as she is busy

nursing in this emergency.