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Sunday, Oct. 20, 1918

Mary had fever all last night and

slept very little. Held her in my

lap most of the evening. Harry

came down home for a few minutes

this afternoon for clean clothes. I

told him Mary & I would take a 

walk with him and we did. 

Seemed like having a date. It's 

only half living to have him

gone all teh time. Mary has

quite a fever again. Tried to

get a doctor but couldn't. 

Monday, Oct. 21, 1918

Another sleepless night passed.

Poor little Mary had a bad

night and about 7:30 this A. M. 

had an awful chill. I was

frightened. It seems I'm afraid

all the time something will

happen to her. Dr. Broadman

came. She seems quite a 

little better tonight. Amused

her nearly all day. Tanta &

Tessie were over for supper 

and evening. Knitted what time

I had. Had a fine letter from 

France from Charlie and his

picture. Harry called up twice.