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Thursday, Oct. 24, 1918

Seemed good to have the sun shining

today. We cleaned upstairs. John 

came for dinner. Letter from Keene

and Mrs. J. Mother, Mary & I

took a little walk late this

afternoon. Geo. & Lewis were

over to play this evening. 

I have made guaze masks for

my canteen workers tomorrow

as protection from my influenza


Friday, Oct. 25, 1918

Was up at 6 A. M. and at the Canteen 

at service. Had 100 men for breakfast.

Made several hundred sandwiches.

I kept the Canteen from 3 until 4 and

served several soldiers. Tonight we

had a hundred men. So all in all

it has been a very busy day. Harry

came home tonight for the first

time since two weeks ago Tuesday.