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Monday, Oct. 28, 1918

Cold but clear today. Bundled Mary 

up and took her for a walk. Had

her picture taken at Peterson's. Took

my knitting and went down to Marnie's

awhile after dinner. Finished my

9th sweater today and have another

one started. Letter from Keene. 

Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1918

Helen was over to have Mother show

her something about sox. She

was in her car. Took Mary & I

go for a little ride. John & Marnie

were here for dinner. I went to

the Red Cross rooms and made

buttonholes this afternoon. Mother

& Mary met me and we took a

walk. Mary is getting dearer

and sweeter each day and says

so many cute things. She

knows Raphael's Angels & the 

Dance of the Nymphs. John &

Marnie dropped in for awhile this

eve. Harry has gone on a two

day trip. Bought him 15 pair of 

sox this [afternoon?] for Xmas.