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Wednesday, Oct. 30, 1918

Wrote Alberta & Keene. Did several

pieces of mending I planned to

do today and darned. Motehr, 

mary & I ate our dinner uptown. 

Looked around in the stores awhile.

Mary & I went over to see Tessie

a little while. They came

home to eat our barley and 

have a nap. Have been cutting

out pictures tonight for a soldiers'

letter. Knitted some and 

played with Mary. That is 

where most of my time goes. 

Harry did not get back tonight. 

Thursday, Oct. 31, 1918

Entertained Mary Oliphant , Mary

Stockdale at Betty Wilson's at a 

Halloween supper tonight for

Mary. She throughly enjoyed

the little girls. They all had a 

good time.