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Friday, Nov. 1, 1918

Have put in a long busy day -- from

6:30 A. M. to 11 P. M. Opened up the 

Canteen at 7. Had 50 men for

breakfast. Had word of a troop train

reported for 5:30 of 350 men. Went to

the Canteen at 3:30. We made

27 loaves of bread into sandwiches, 

30 gallons of coffee. Didn't come

home for supper. The said

train arrived at 8:45. We had 

several hundred other men besides. 

About 600 in all. They cleaned 

out the Canteen. Ate 30 pounds

of cookies & 3 boxes of apples. 

Saturday, Nov. 2, 1918

Dusted the whole house to make

things presentable for Sunday.

Just at noon Katie phoned and

asked us all over there for dinner

and we went. Mother, Mary & I

went to the bank afterward. I

have $2500 for 4th liberty loan

bond.  Lovely & warm out. So

walked until Mary got sleepy. 

Read all evening.