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Sunday, Nov. 3, 1918

Marnie had Harry, Mother, Mary

& I down there for dinner. We stayed

nearly all afternoon. Harry went to

K. C. tonight. Wrote Charles & sent him

a kakai [khaki?] silk handerchief for Xmas. 

Monday, Nov. 4, 1918

Put in a whirlwind morning. We 

cleaned the house. I worked until

time to jump into other clothes to

go to the Post Office at 11:30 to look after

the Xmas packages for the soldiers

abroad. Stayed there until 1:30. Knitted

all the time I wasn't otherwise

engaged. Came home did some

mending & darned. Got Mary

dressed & we went down town to

find something for supper. Took

Mary Allen a box of candy. Read 

and knitted this eve. Read fairy

stories to Mary.