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Tuesday, Nov. 5, 1918

It was such a nice morning that

I put Mary in her buggy and took

her out for a ride. We went to 

see Margaret Thompson & baby.

Stopped to see Helene & Jacky.

This afternoon Mother went down

to Peterson's with me and had

Mary's picture taken. Knitted 

all evening. Have my 10th sweater

over the neck. Fitted up a

little new baby with a trousseau 

today. Flannel shirts, stocking,

night gowns, dresses, etc. The

mama was delighted. 

Wednesday, Nov. 6, 1918

Mary & I stayed out of doors, nearly

all morning. Went to see Mary

[?] but she wasn't home. Mother

& Marnie went over to Independence

today. Got back about 6 P. M. So

I had John & Marnie stay for 

supper. Sent Mr. Hooper his dinner

as he has pneumonia. Margaret

& Hildegarde & also Mary S. were

here this afternoon. Raining hard

tonight. Harry & I sat down

stars until 11:30.