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Thursday, Nov. 7, 1918

Knitted all morning. Had a

regular cloud burst this afternoon

but I had a few errands to do up

town anyway. Carried a load of

stuff to the Red Cross rooms.

Cleared up toward supper time.

So I took Mary out for a walk -- 

went down to Marniee's & over to

Tantas. Tonight mother & I

cooked & ground up a chicken

for sandwiches with boiled eggs, etc.

MOther also made mince meat. 

We had a good time. I also cooked

Mary's barley for several days to come. 

Friday, Nov. 8, 1918

Spent the day at the Canteen as usual.

We have to keep open all day now 

as it makes it more strenuous.

We had a sailor this morning who

won the Croix de Guerre won

in the battle of Chateau Thierry.

Our chicken sandwiches lasted

trhought out the day and were

much enjoyed. Letter from

Grace Wilkie to do some Chi

Omega work.