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Monday, Nov. 11, 1918

Peace after more than

four years of war. 

Today can hardly be described. At

2:30 A. M. all the bells in town rang, whistles

blew. It wasn't long before auto loads

of people were out shooting pistols, fire

crackers -- banging pans  together and 

making every king of racket. Germany

had signed the armistice. The Kaiser

was put out etc. All dayi the streets

have been thronged with people with 

one continous parade of autos. Every

flag, horn, bell & dish pan in town

was  [?]. Mary & I were out a good

part of the day. Mr. Strasburger gave

Mary a lovely silk flag. In between

times I hemmed & pressed eight

curtains & put them up. Finished

a sweater & did quite a washing

for Mary. 

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 1918

This morning I went out soliciting

for the "United War Fund" -- had

several blocks on Corning Ave. Got

$36. I will be glad when I do 

not have to go out on any more

such expeditions. But of course

am glad of anything to help bring

permanent peace. It has been

a lovely day. Took Mary out for

a walk. Harry and Mary had

a good time building houses

out of blocks tonight. They played 

on the floor all evening.