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Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1918

Harry left this A. M. to be gone 

two days. Mother went to help

with the Meth. rummage sale.

She left at 8 A. M. I started

in to clean the house and 

worked until after 3 P. M. Then

took Mary out. She walked up

town and back and over to Tanta's. 

She has a darling new hat --

white & pink velvet. Tessie,

Tanta and [Florence?] Carpenter's

brot their work over for the 

evening. I darned. 

Thursday, Nov. 14, 1918

After my morning work was done --

I took Mary & walked up town --

met Mother & I had dinner at the 

Cafeteria. Brought myself a heavy

white dress for Canteen work. Came

home cooked & ground up a 

chicken for the Canteen tomorrow. 

Took some chicken broth & rice

to Mrs. Goodsill who has the "flu."

Had some time to read today. 

Am invited to an Alpha Xi re-

union tomorrow afternoon and a 

tea on Saturday.