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Friday, Nov. 15, 1918]

Have put in rather a full day. Was at

the Canteen from 7 A. M. until 10:30

A. M. Came home lunches -- stayed

at the P. O. from 11:30 until 2 inspecting

& wrapping Xmas packages for

overseas. Back to the Canteen for

awhile. Came home dressed Mary

and we went to the Alpha Xi's 

tea at Helen O. for Georgia T. &

M    who are visiting here. 

had a very enjoyable time. Was 

at the Canteen from 7 P. M. until 10.

Served 125 soldiers. Quite a few

have already been mustered out 

since peace has been declared and

were on their way home to stay. 

Saturday, Nov. 16, 1918

Baked and fixed things for

tomorrow. Mary & I attended a

lovely tea this afternoon given by

Mildred & Ester Read for Gracia B.

and Mary S. The house was

beautifully decorated and the

girls were in pretty party gowns.

It was an unusual sight and

was very agreeable to the eyes. 

The closing of war has made

many noticeable changes

already. Got Mary's pictures

today and I am very much

pleased with them. Mother,

Mary & I walked down town to 

see the bright lights tonight.