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Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1918

Tried to work some buttonholes today

but didn't get many done. Did

other menting tho. Took Mary

out for a ride in her buggy after

dinner. Helene gave a beautiful

dinner at the hotel [Faye?] at

7 P.M.for Gracia & Mary. It 

was a turkey dinner and we all

had a jolly good time. Attended

the picture show afterward. 

There were 16 guests. 


Wednesday, Nov. 20, 1918

Decided to have a party this

afternoon myself for Gracia &

Mary. Invited about fifteen. 

Mother & mostly mother

prepared a delicious lunch --

chicken salad -- apples boiled

filled with pecans jelly & whipped

cream, potato chips & biscuits.

The girls brought their work

& spent the afternoon and

seemed to have a good time.