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Saturday, Nov. 23, 1918

Very cold. Had Mary out this afternoon.

Went to a "kid"party tonight at

Edwards for Gracia & Mary. I

borrowed a dress of Nancy Cavanaugh.

Every one was dressed for school and

we surely turned loose and had

a good time. Each one did his

or her [stint?]  for the Friday exercises.

The school board was present and

we had a spelling bee. The table

for refreshments seated 30 of us

and was lovely. We danced after-

ward. It was a most hilarious

evening. The ground was covered 

with snow when we left at 12:45 A. M.

Sunday, Nov. 24, 1918

Have been home all day. no

gas much to heat the house 

and scarcely any to cook with.

Geo., Katie & children were here

after dinner. John & Marnie 

this evening. Mary has had 

a good time all day and

evening. I played the piano

about an hour this eve.

Harry brot a dandy big box

of [B   te?]  candy with himi from 

K. C.