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Monday, Nov. 25, 1918

Very cold all day. Did some washing

this evening. Mother, Mary & I

went to see "P        Polly" at the

Best. Mary wanted to see "the

girls kick." Tonight Harry & I

decided to invite in our old

bridge club but most of them

were incapacitated.. Finally

got Helen P, Elizabeth & Howard,

Ida S. & Freda & Mother. We

played bridge awhile. Then

played "pig." We simply roared

with laughter. Had hot chocolate,

cookies, candy & apples. Letter from

Keene. 12:15 A. M. 

Tuesday, Nov. 26, 1918

Keene went though at 9:15 tonight. Harry, 

Geo., Katie & I went to the train to

see her. I took my Xmas package

to the train -- a sweater for Albert,

a game for Frederick, a pretty bag &

a picture of Mary for Keene. She's 

had  retired but we had a little

visit anyway. We have had no 

gas to cook with today -- takes an

hour for water to boil. the sun was

nice & bright this afternoon. So Mary

and I went out for a walk.

Brought enough material to make

Mother three big aprons. Plain

percale is 43 cts a yard, my 

material cost $8.88 cts for three [?]

War prices still prevail.