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Wednesday, Nov. 27, 1918

We cleaned the house from top to

bottom this morning. Rained hard

all afternoon. Mabel & Emma had

invited Harry & I to a dance at

the country club for Mary, Gracia

& [Seargent?] (Sergeant) McDonald. They had

to have it at the Elks. It was

all very informal -- not enough

boys to go around but we had

a dandy time. Didn't get to

bed until 1:30 A. M. 

Thursday, Nov. 28, 1918

[We all?]  George's Aunt T & Tessie

and our family spent the day

at John's in eating turkey and

all the other good things. It

was in honor of John's birthday 

tomorrow too. Took him one of

Mary's new pictures and a pretty

paii of wool socks. Mary

has been an angel child all

day. Couldn't have been better.

No nap and just now in 

bed at 9 o'clock.