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Friday, Nov. 29, 1918

At the Canteen both morning and 

evening. It is being enlarged

now and is four ttimes the 

original [?]/ It will be fine

when finished but it is hard

to work in now with no sink. 

Served 190 soldiers. Had turkey

sandwiches for them. Harry went

to K. C. at 5 P. M. to be gone

until tomorrow night. 

Margaret [McSeay?] was here for 


Saturday, Nov. 30, 1918

Mother, Mary & I were invited

to Mary Allen's for dinner. Mrs. 

Parks & Fowler were there. We

took our knitting and had 

a nice visit. Stayed until

four. It was so nice out I 

took Mary up town. We 

stayed until nearly six --

looking at the toys & Xmas

things. Harry got back tonight. 

Brought a lovely roast of beef

and rolls from Wolferman's.