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Sunday, Dec. 1, 1918

Marnie & John were here foor supper 

and the evening. Mother baked me

a lovely birthday cake & gave me

a beautiful Pickard candy jar. 

The Captains of the Canteen had

o go to a meeting at headquarters

at 4 P. M. We received all kinds

of new rules and instructions.

Being Captain is some job --

makes quite a bit of responsibility. 

Monday, Dec. 2, 1918

This had been an ideal day for a 

birthday. Grand to be out. Geo. Jr.

was here for dinner & Lewis for 

supper. I took Mary & Lewis out

for a long walk this afternoon.

Lewis thought I was lost. I

was nearly to the country

looking for a new wash woman.

Harry gave me six English

bone china cups & saucers that

are beautiful. Am surely delighted 

with them. Mother gave me

some pretty material for a

waist. John & Marnie brot me

a box of candy tonight. Had a 

card from Edith [Stra?]

Mary didn't go to sleep last night 

until 4 A. M. -- seemed like old times.