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Saturday, Dec. 7, 1918

We cleanedd the house from top to

bottom. Rob didn't show up -- so

I beat the rugs. This was

British day -- and they had quite

a celebration -- raised a large

British flag at the Court-

house. Mary, Mother & I were

up town awhile. 

Mary out grew her bottle today

not willingly tho. Had to 

make her drink each glass

full and each time it took

at least half of an hour. 

Sunday, Dec. 8, 1918

Too warm for fire today -- had

windows & doors  open. Harry

was called out on a wreck at

2:30 A. M. and didn't get home

until 10:00 tonight. Have

had quite a time all day

making Mary drink milk

from a glass. It seems strange 

too because she drinks water

from cup or glass and has

for months. We were out for 

a walk as usual.