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Monday, Dec. 9, 1918

This morning we washed all the dishes

in the china closet and that is

alwayis some task to get them all

back after we get them out. Harry

came home early for dinner and 

then left for K. C. to be gone until

tomorrow night. Mother, Mary &

I went uptown early in the afternoon

as I wanted to go to the bank.

Mary Sedgwick was here for

supper and evening. 

Tuesday, Dec. 10, 1918

Marnie, Mother & Mary & I went out to the

State Hospital this A. M. to see

their annual exhibit of fancy work. 

It is wonderful what these people

can do. Brought half a dozen

things -- some woven baskets, etc. 

We walked out. I hurried home

as a woman promised to come

& wash this afternoon. She failed

to come so mother washed. I helped --

hung the clothes out. Then started

to iron. Ironed the linens -- 

sheets -- gowns  etc. We were both

good & tired. Finished my 11th

sweater tongiht and did a good

bit of mending. Harry didn't

get back.