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Wednesday, Dec. 11, 1918

Ironed this morning and mended

immeasurable things -- sewed on

buttons, darned, sewed up rips, etc. 

Worked a dozen buttonholes in

refugee garments. Took my

finished sweater up to the Red

Cross rooms. Harry returned 

tonight. Mary was still up

and had a little play time. 

Worked 18 buttonholes today in

petticoatsfor the French children.

Mother brot 20 skirts home to

make. Embroidered some on Mary's

little dress. I enjoy Mary more

each day. She says such cute

things and is so sweet. No

word is too large for her and

she remembers all of them so

well. We have a blooming 

poinsetta. She learned the

word immediatley and hasn't

forgotten it. She keeps me

entertained all of the time.