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Friday, Dec. 13, 1918

I opened the Canteen at 7 A. M. and 

closed it at ten P. M. We had one

grand time at the Canteen this

morning. Marnie, Ida, Louise, Helene

& I. Some soldiers -- who seemed

like boys we had always

had about a two hours wait and 

made themselves at home. We

called each other by first names

etc. They were college boys -- so it

seemed almost like a "U" party.

One of them gave me a beautiful

aviator pin. Had lots of fun down

there tonight. Our girls were a 

jolly bunch. John & Marnie were

here for supper. Letter from Mrs. J. 

Saturday, Dec. 14, 1918

Cleaned house all morning. Have

een on the go constantly it

seems to me and up late at night.

We had a big box come by express

from Vantine's in New York this

afternoon. All kinds of wooden

Japanese toys -- souvenirs for our

Xmas breakfast. They are animals. 

We expect to have lots of fun with 

them. Mother, Mary & I went

up town about 4:30 and didn't come

back until eight. Ate our supper

at the Cafeteria -- did some

Xmas shopping. It is lots of fun

getting ready for Xmas.