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Thursday, Dec. 19, 1918

We cleaned upstairs this A. M.

After dinner I finished up my

Xmas Red Cross Roll Call work. 

Then took Mary for quite an

airing. Harry brought Mr. 

Vetch home for supper - a

K. U. Beta. We enjoyed him

very much. Harry left for 

Sedalia about 8 P. M. to be

gone until Sat. evening. 

Friday, Dec. 20, 1918

Another Canteen Day is past

and such a busy time as we

had. Served 450 men. The

place was jammed all evening.

Such a jolly crowd of field 

artillery men. They sang

and sang. I made 40 gallons

of coffee and they drank it

all. Am always tired on

Friday night but always enjoy

the day. Received a crocheted

yoke from Aunt Etta for Xmas.

Heard from Mrs. Hoke & Ella

11:30 P. M.