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Saturday, Dec. 21, 1918

Cleaned down stairs A. M. Mary &

I started to walk out to the 

State Hospital after dinner but met

brother Geo. & he took us out in

his car. Came home made a big

batch of fudge for Xmas. Washed 

my hair. Tonight after we had

had our supper Bro. John came and 

I got his supper. About 8 o'clock

John brot Dr. Fulleweider of 

to call. He was here on a case.

He was without supper -- so I fried

him a steak, potatoes, etc. Decorated

the house with bells, stars, etc. after

they all left. Mary enjoys this

getting ready for Xmas. 

Sunday, Dec. 22, 1918

Harry's birthday. A four pound

steak came from K. C. to him

from Porter Fones, so we invited

John, Marnie, Geo. & family over

for dinner. About four o'clock

Mother & I hired a taxi and went 

out to the cemetery to decorate

father's grave. Came home,

made several batches of candy,

cooked barley for Mary and kept

busy until about 8 o'clock. Harry

went to K. C. to be gone until

Xmas eve. Received a Xmas

package from Keene.