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Monday, Dec. 23, 1918

Did numerous taks this morning

The woman washed but couldn't

hang out the clothes on account

of a big snow storm. The ground

was covered with snow when we

awoke and it snowed all day. I

ironed from 1 until 5:30 -- only a

few pieces left. Darned tonight. 

Received a great many Xmas

cards & letters. Wrote a good

many. Have put in a very 

busy day. 

Tuesday, Dec. 24, 1918

Our table is set for the morning

breakfast for 17 guests -- a white tent

is the center piece under which are

all the Vantines toys of wood. Have 

been busy all day -- Getting things 

in shape for tomorrow. Mary

has been beside herself with ex-

citement. Received three dolls to-

night -- besides books & other toys.

By the time she opes her

stocking in the morning I'll 

have to move out. It is the most 

fun to see her enjoy thiungs tho'. 

She talks so sweetly . At intervals

all day she has been whispering 

in my ear about Santa Claus. Mother

gave me a lovely silk petticoat. A

beautiful vase & Harry & I a liberty