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Wednesday, Dec. 25, 1918

Harry got in at 1 A. M. from K. C. We

were all up at six. I awoke Mary

to go down to see her Xmas tree. She

stood & looked & looked but made no

move to touch a thing. She was

rather sunned with so much at a 

time. Our breakfst party began

arriving at 7:30. The Goodens & Freda,

Mr.  S[?], John & Marnie, Geo. & family,

Tanta & Tessie, Mrs. Curry -- 17 in all. 

They had a very hilarious time

and seemed to enjoy themselves

immensely. The toys were very 

amusing. I received many lovely

gifts from the family. Harry gave me

six more  Eng. bone china cups & a tile.

They cost $48 a dozen. Tessie & Marnie

each gave me a lovely  bureau cover. 

Thursday, Dec. 26, 1918

We had the turkey today that was

sent to Harry for a Xmas gift. 

There wasn't enough gas to light

the oven to cook it. So mother

cooked it in the basement. John &

Marnie were here for dinner &

supper. We had all the turkey

we could eat. Marnie & I went

to the picture show this afternoon. 

Mother, Harry, John & I played

"42" this evening.