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Friday, Dec. 27, 1918

Got up at 6 A. M. and was off to the 

Canteen. It was very cold. The

stars were still shining. Served

67 soldiers this morning. Received

a letter form Rev. Chichester. Back

to the Canteen tonight. Served only

140 soldiers today. We surely do]

have a good time together. Especially

Ida, Louise, Helene, Mabel, Marnie

& I. Harry came down after 


Saturday, dec. 28, 1918

A great calamity befell teh town

today. I was dressing Mary when

Harry phoned that the Strasburg

building was burned to the ground. 

Saylors too. It looked as if the

whole block would go. I went

down to see it. All the plate

glass in the whole block is 

broken and there isn't  anything

left of Strasburger's. It was too

cold to stay out long to see it. 

Harry left for K. C. this A. M. to be

gone probably until Tuesday. We

were lonesome tonight that we

retired before 9 o'clock. Was invited

to a party at Steele's but didn't