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Sunday, Dec. 29, 1918

Slept around the clock. Couldn't

tell when I have done such a 

thing before. Geo. & Lewis were

here for dinner. It had warmed 

up some today -- so Mother, Mary

& I went out awhile. Went over 

to Tanta's. It was hard work

pushing the baby cart thro' the

snow. Have read the papers and

played with Mary all evening but

the lonesome feeling still

lingers. Wrote Mrs. J, Lizzie and

Ida B. 

Monday, Dec. 30, 1918

We cleaned the house, scrubbed the

porches, etc. I invited Louse, Ida, 

Marnie and  Mrs. [Condon?], Elizabeth & Helene

over this afternoon. We had a nice

visit. Then I served some good 

"eats." John & Marnie were here

for supper. They & Mother went ot

the picture show afterward. Mary &

I had a good time playing to-

gether. She is the dearest ever.