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January 31, 1919

Yesterday will be one of the most

memorable days in the history of

the local Red Cross canteen. For

about twenty-five hundred soldiers

were guests there yesterday. It seem

incredible that the little canteen

could handle the enormous number,

but each of the 2,000 men were

served with coffee, sandwiches and 

cookies. The first hour of today had

begun before the canteen workers

in charge of Mrs. Harry Johntz, cap-

tain, completed their service. The

average number of men from the 

regular trains were guests during 

the day , but at nine-thirty o'clock a

troop train in three sections from

Texas brought the large group of

men, requiring 2,000 sandwiches,

230 poundds of cookies, 132 gallons

of coffee. Ten Osage Indians were

visitors of unusual interests, wear-

ing vividly colored blankets. A tran-

sient soldier and an express employee

were of much assistance to the can-

teen workers, who included Mrs. 

Jontz (Johntz), Mrs. Charles Lewis, Mrs. Ida

Stevenson, Mrs. John Maser, Mrs. H. 

L. Bender, Mrs. T. M. Flynn, Mrs. W.

E. Wells, Mrs. George White, and 

Mrs. Wayne Gordon.