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Mary Maser's pearl necklace

On Dec. 25, 1917 Grandmother

Maser gave her little grandaughter

$23 to start a pearl necklace.

Her Grandmother Johntz sent her

$5 so she had a sting

of fifteen pearls. At Easter

time 1918 Frederick Johntz

sent $5 from Cuba for an added

pearl. Next came Mary's secong 

birthday in August 1918. Grand-

mother Maser gave her $10 for two 

pearls and her own mama gave

her $f for another one. So she

now had 19 pearls. For Mary's birthday

Aug. 22, 1919 I gave her $27.50 and 

Grandma Maser gave her $10 and 

we had 18 pearls added to the

necklace -- making 37 in all. 

On May 21 grandmother Maser

gave Mary (2) pearls for $15 --

making 39 for her chain. These

were for her approaching birthday

next August.