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        A History of our Captivity
                     Tuesday night, March 11. 1862.
Col. Baylor and Dr. Minor came out to breakfast
this morning, not having heard any of the news of
the day. They went out and the first person who came
in was Marshall Jones, who called to say good bye and
get a lunch for Bob, who would not leave the
company. M. said the long roll had beat and
they were to march at 12 o clock, he supposed, of course,
for Strasburg. There Col. Baylor came in and said
he did not think it probable they would go today,
and it was evident he expected a fight before
leaving. We heard next that there was a re-enforcement
of 4000 men just out of town. We doubted it, but still
it added to the excitement of the hour, From 12
till half-past, we were busy putting into a place of
safety, silver, papers, swords, flags, military clothes, war
letters, in short, everything contraband, except the
servants, who could not conveniently be stored away.
I do not think the yankees with all their cunning,
will find our hiding place. Johnnie Mason
dined with us, and he and the other gentlemen were
in [as] great uncertainty as to the next move, as ouselves,
expecting a fight, but still uncertain whether it would be
this evening.