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in the town until the enemy marched in,
which they did at 8 o'clock, swarming in on
every street, with flags flying and bands to every
regiment, playing "Yankee doodle", "Hail Columbia",
and "Dixie". This was the only demonstation they
made of a triumphant entry. They marched in
perfect silence through the streets, which with the
exception of Main street, were entirely deserted by
the citizens, On our street every door and window
was closed and not a creature visible, except
a few servants at the corners. It looked like
a vast funeral, and it felt even more so,
I suppose they were ashamed to make demon=
strations of triumph when sneaking into a town they
were afraid to fight for. There are regiments from
Penna, New York, Conn, Maryland, Indiana, Mich,
Ohio and New Hampshire. Think of us in the hands
of such a set! At first we felt overwhelmed with
feelings of degradation and humiliation, (but
never a particle of fear) but soon indignation got
the mastery, and now we feel nerved for all that
may come. On Main street since Union flags
were thrown out, and a few handkerchiefs waved by
people who have always been known here as disloyal
but  it is proved to the yankees that the union feeling
which they boasted prevailed here, and was kept