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down only by fear had no more real existence
than the rest of their fabrications. The Banks and
the Post Office, were removed some days ago,
Mr Charley Graves opened the Post Office and invited
them to take possession, which they did at once.
Randall Evans, who has kept a restaurant for our
soldiers, closed his house, and they broke it open
and marched in. They have taken every unoccupied
house, the market house, court house, and lecture
rooms, They have opened the jails, and released
all the prisoners, among them a woman under sentence
of death, for the murder of her mistress. The servants are
crzay with delight at it all, thinking it an entertainment
gotten up for their especial benefit, Today some
of the gentlement went to see Hamilton, Shields and
Williams, three of the Generals, to know what we have
to expect, They say private property shall be respected,
and that any soldier who insults a lady, shall be shot.
This sounds very well, but I do not trust them, I believe
it is only at first in the hope of making us Union
people. I have known all the time that we shall
be kept in a state of constant terror, by the reports, if
we believe them. It is reported everywhere tonight
that Banks with a large force, had gone by another
road to Newtown to intercept Jackson, had succeeded in
doing so, and was bringing them all back prisioners,