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At first we were horrified, but soon decided that it was
impossible. Dane Strother, the traitor, has established
himself and some officers, in Mrs Ann Powell's house
which she had left in the care of the servants, Dr. Smith's
house is taken for headquarters, Mr Barton has
been among them today, and has given them
some very plain talking, he told one of the
officers, who presented his card, that if they met
in the field with their muskets, they would shoot
each other with pleasure, but that under existing
circumstances, courtesy was necessary, he told them
they were entirely mistaken in expecting to find Union
feeling here, that there was almost none.
Thursday, March 13th We have had two brushes with the
Yankees today, and have come off safely. we were
scarcely dressed this morning, when we were told that
two soldiers were at the door, inquiring for Mrs. Lee,
Mary and I went down and found two rough looking
creatures, who said thay had come for a secession
flag which was here, Mary told them that there was
none here, that we had had one, but had sent it
to a place of safety, They said they must search the
house We asked for their authority, they said they
had the authority, We told them they could not come
till they brought an officer to prove it. They went off
looking very sheepish, and we found it was only