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a ruse to do what they had been doing in other
places, pretend they have power to search, and in
doing so, steal whatever they can carry off. The cavalry
have take possession of the yard and stables at
Mr Clarks' last night, and are using everything,
and burning Sue's wood without the slightest
restraint, Some of their cavalry had a skirmish today
with Ashby, and they say his men fought like devils
and cleared fences as if it was all an open road.
The trouble with the servants is beginning. Hugh, who is
hired to Dr. Conrad three miles from town on the Strasburg
road, came to town last night, and the pickets would
not let him pass to return home. Mary sent to the
provost marshall to get a pass, but he would not give
one on that road. I fully expect Hugh will go off
and join the y--s. Some of the gentlemen of the
town are trying the policy of being very polite and
conciliatory, but Dr. Robert Baldwin is an honorable except=
ion to this, he will not speak to htem or even look at
them, and says not one shall ever enter his house.
Cornelia Clark and her children are with him, Mrs.
Baldwin is away, She went to visit Mary Briscoe a short
time ago, and may not get back for months, Dr. Stuart
B. came in this morning to see how we were getting on
and if he could do anything for us, he said he had
had a visit from Maj. Armstrong the officer who had taken
Robert to Columbus, Ohio, he had promised Bob to call on