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his family with accounts of him. He is on parole
with the freedom of the City, and is very kindly
treated. [?ry.] Armstrong asked if they could tell him
where he and some other officers could get board,
he said their presence would be a protection.
The Dr said he was tempted to send them to Mary
Macky, as she needs protection. Mary told him that
nothing but the fear of still greater insult and
depredation could make her submit to such a deg=
radation. Several persons have take them as boarders,
Mrs Magill, Mrs Dandridge, Mrs Sciven, Dr. Fuller, etc.
Bolling Barton and Ludwell Baldwin are our
scouts, they go out among the soldiers and hear
them talk and then come and tell us, the
creatures are swarming in every part of the town
and we cannot lift our eyes without seeing them
passing and every instant wagons of supplies are
passing and repassing. I hate all the sights and
sounds that reach me. I feel as if it would have
been preferable to have left everything, only to have
escaped the horrible depression which is over every
thing, but it is needless to repine, We could not
have left the girls, and we could not have taken
them. We can only hope and pray for deliverance,
We do not go out at all, but a good many persons